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In the human body, hundreds of chemical reactions occur during the course of normal metabolic processes. Many chemical reactions require significant energy in order to take place, and therefore need a catalyst to allow the reaction to proceed. A catalyst lowers the energy needed for a reaction to and allow complex biochemical reactions to take place in living systems that otherwise could not occur.
As such, enzymes are molecules that maintain the natural biochemical processes that take place in the numerous systems of the human body that are responsible for maintaining the structure and function fo those systems. Enzymes interact directly with proteins and other molecules in the human body, and support internal regulatory and communication systems responsible for homeostasis (balance) and vitality.
Some enzymes are sensitive to changes in pH and temperature and can be destroyed if exposed to less than ideal conditions. These enzymes work best if they are protected from stomach acids, and are allowed to absorb systemically.
Certain combinations of specific enzymes, when properly protected from stomach acid, provide systemic enzyme support. The international literature reveals that systemic enzyme support is an effective modality for immunomodulation and for restoration of optimal function of circulatory, lymphatic, cardiac, neurological, endocrinological, reproductive, hepatic, bone, joint, muscle, renal and other tissues. This website provides evidence based information and education on the benefits of systemic enzyme support.

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