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My Wobenzym® Testimony by Joseph J Collins, RN, ND 

Improved Recovery from Surgery, Better Digestion and Skin Health
I started taking Wobenzym after a surgery to remove nine screws and two metal plates that had been placed in my ankle and foot over eight years ago after a traumatic fall. My recovery was much quicker than expected. I also found that my new scars have disappeared and the old ones have faded.
My life long struggle with IBS and eczema has traumatically improved. My stomach blotting has decreased and my skin is much healthier.
A.C., Cedar Rapids, IA

Read Wobenzyn Testimonies

Frozen & Painful Tennis/Golf Elbow Improved
I suffered from tennis/golf elbow for the past two years. My arm remained

 permanently bent at a 15 degree angle and would not straighten out. I wore a brace, had physical therapy, and took steroid shots of cortisone to alleviate the pain and try to straighten my arm out.  Nothing worked.  My golf game suffered terribly as a result of this condition. I started taking Wobenzym N 6 months ago on a regular basis to see if it would make a difference.  I am now 98% pain free and my arm has straightened out almost completely! I can hardly wait to get back on the links this spring!

A.M.W., Pittsburgh, PA

Ironman World Championship Athlete Shortens Recovery Time

I am an avid tri-athlete training for the 2009 Ironman World Championship.  I rely on Wobenzym daily to help me recover from training sessions and races.  I have found after taking Wobenzym that my recovery time is shortened and delayed onset muscle soreness is rarely an issue after difficult training sessions. I make a point to take tablets first thing in the morning before my workouts and immediately afterwards.

T.J.M, Houston, TX

Gout Attack Subsides Quickly – Able to Loose Weight Now

My brother had a severe gout attack. He was started on a therapeutic dosage (15 tablets a day for 1 month), but within six hours of starting Wobenzym-N his flare up subsided. He stayed on the Wobenzym-N and has lost 22 pounds so far.

D.B., Aventura, FL

Severe Arthritis Pain of Recent Onset Fully Resolved,
Daily Workout, Including Boxing, Resumed

My husband, 33 years old, recently started to have severe pain in his right wrist. He met with his PCP to evaluate the problem, as he thought it was a stress fracture or worse. He was told that he was experiencing the onset of Arthritis and there was little that he could do for it other than prescription medication. He started using Wobenzym-N and said that he would "give it a shot" before filling his prescription from his Doc. Within 3 days of using Wobenzym-N he was able to get back into his daily workouts with no pain. He was able to do push-ups, pull downs, box, and lift our children with no tightness or shooting pain. Wobenzym has allowed him to remain off prescription medications and maintain his normal routine.

S.A., Sewickley, PA


Shoulder Pain and Back Pain Improved

Overall Health & Anti-Aging Benefits Appreciated

Wobenzym is a terrific supplement for inflammation.  I engage in a very athletic lifestyle which can easily contribute to aches, pains and discomfort.  This is compounded by a reverse curvature in my neck that causes painful shoulder and back pain.  Since taking Wobenzym, I feel a huge difference in the frequency of discomfort associated with my activities & limitations.  I also take this supplement for overall health and the anti-aging benefits.

D.K., San Ramon, CA


Rheumatoid Arthritis of Over 30 Years Now Improved

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which has been an aggressive form I've lived with for over 30 years.  My medications mask some of the discomfort, but not much.  My doctors have told me to go home and that there is nothing more that they can do for me.  My daughter got me started on Wobenzym and I have noticed improvement in the severity of flare-ups and other types of discomforts.  It is a terrific product that I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from joint issues like mine.

L.K., Cleveland, OH


Painful & Swollen Sprain Dramatically Improved

I rolled my foot pretty badly while running resulting in a painful and swollen sprain, unable to support my weight. I was sure I would be off of it for an extended period of time.  I immediately began taking Wobenzym in high doses along with wrapping and icing the foot.  Much to my surprise the sprain was so improved three days later that I was able to walk a three mile loop, and I was back to running the day after that. It really works!   

L.A.F., Seattle, WA



Tennis Elbow Greatly Improved in Two Weeks

I suffered from tennis elbow in my left arm last year, and after ten months of taking 4 tablets of [naproxen]* per day, and one month of wearing a wrist brace, my pain finally went away. This fall, I got tennis elbow in my right arm, and I heard about the positive effects Wobenzym might have for this condition.  Tennis elbow is basically tendonitis, or inflammation of tendons in the arm, and I was told that Wobenzym® would help relieve this inflammation. After only two weeks of taking 6 Wobenzym® tablets per day, my condition has greatly improved, and I am playing tennis again.  I was amazed at how quickly they worked, with no side effects whatsoever. It's great to actually feel the benefits of a supplement, since vitamins, etc. are beneficial, but those benefits can sometimes be hard to quantify. I would strongly recommend Wobenzym® to anyone with similar pain or inflammatory issues. *[trade name was replaced with generic name]

D.L., Annandale, VA 


Improved recovery from Sinus Surgery

I recently had oral surgery that involved a bone graft, sinus lift, and implant.  The surgeon noted that my recovery would be a bit longer than I expected, but he wanted to see me in a week’s time to be sure that I was healing correctly.  As soon as the bleeding stopped, I took Wobenzym twice a day to help with the inflammation that I experienced post surgery.

The following week I went into the surgeon's office, and he was astounded at how well I was recovering.  He asked how many pain killers I was taking, and was shocked when I said I did not need them after the bleeding stopped.

Wobenzym® relieved the pain, and improved my recovery process.

E.A.W., Duluth, GA


Tumors are Shrinking  / White Lumps in Lips Gone

I found this site on the internet when a friend down the road was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. He's a farmer & had no idea he was in this much trouble. All he knew was that he couldn't sleep at night and his whole body was aching. He came to us & told us the Hospital gave him 4 months to live and that he was a stage 4, so he would die of Cancer. He said he actually

threw up on the way home after they told him the news. Then they were supposed to operate on his larger tumors near his bowels first, opened him up & then never took any tumors out ,just closed him up.

Well, we ordered this Wobenzym N for him & the Apricot Kernels to take with it. He has taken this stuff religiously now for 4 months & he actually has an appetite, gained weight & he was told yesterday that his tumors are shrinking and they don't

know why.

My son had these white lumps on the inside of his lips and he was here from SC for a week -2 weeks ago, & he has been taking the pills & he said the lumps are gone. So we totally believe in your Wobenzym N.

I'll keep you updated on the Farmer story if you like.......Thanks for giving this young man a will to survive, he is totally dedicated to what he is taking & I hope he beats this cancer......

 K.V.N., Ontario, New York


Gout, Plantar Fasciitis & Heal Spur Relief Started on Fifth Day
The reason for this communication, and in particular, this subject, concerning WOBENZYM N, is to make you aware of my experience using the product WOBENZYM N
My health issues include Gout, Plantar Fasciitis and Heal Spurs.
For any individuals who have these issues, or just one of them, my sympathies are extended for I realize how their quality of life can deteriorate in very short order. In my case I have all three along with Arthritic aggravations in several areas.
In my life, I require extensive standing and walking, therefore you can appreciate how this lifestyle can be extremely painful while enduring these issues. Standing and walking for long periods is overbearing at the best of times. My personal endeavors' are limited and this situation certainly makes me feel, at the best of times, inadequate.
After communicating, with one of your Professional Advisors, I was, and I have to admit, extremely reluctant to get my hopes up about any product that could possibly help with my situation.
Most certainly, other issues were the inability to use products that focus on my ailments but I could not consume due to conflicts with current medication.
Needless to say, I began using your product as directed. Three to four days into my trial, I was constantly looking for indicators even though I was not sure what to expect. I was considering stopping the regiment.
On day number FIVE, I awoke and proceeded to go about my morning duties when excitedly I realized I was not limping with regularity as I had been for such a long time previous to taking WOBENZYM N.
Most of all, even though I felt a little discomfort, the major aggravation seemed to lessen noticeably as the days went by from there on.
In addition, my energy level began to spring back to life. My state of mind changed to a more positive mode. I noticed that as more days went by I was able to focus on more meaningful directions in life rather than the pain I was enduring.
It seems that this product also is relieving pain I would experience in my hips and knees when I was overdoing my workload a little. My body is not haunting me in many of the ways it would prior to experiencing WOBENZYM N.
Thank you for recognizing my dilemma and taking an interest in my health issues. Most of all, THANK YOU for introducing me to a product that has given me the ability to return to the active life style I enjoy so much.

R.J.S., Ontario, Canada

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